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Worry no more! Our new Follicle Buster has gotten our customers proven results. The Follicle Buster has all of the natural ingredients to give you the relief you’re seeking plus healthy hair growth..

Powerful Organic Ingredients:

🥥 Coconut Oil

🏵 Rosemary Oil

🍃 Mint Oil

🧬 Biotin (liquid) B7

✨Chebe & Alma Powders

Coconut Oil

Helps prevent a dry, flaky scalp, and any form of dandruff, improves split ends and hair breakage.

Rosemary Oil

Helps with anti-inflammatory properties, promotes nerve growth, improve blood circulation.

Mint Oil

Helps with dryness, itching, or any other scalp disorders, vasodilation improving blood flow for female and male pattern baldness.

Biotin (liquid) B7

Helps stimulate keratin in hair as well as increase follicle growth.

Chebe Powder

Helps lock in moisture, retain length, reduces breakage, lightly exfoliate scalp, and keeps colors looking vibrant.

Alma Powder

Helps stimulate hair growth and improves the quality of hair. I’m

Follicle Buster Hair Strengthening and Growth Oil


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